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Affordable Fashion: Under $50 Outfit

Ever saw a piece of clothing and instantly knew you hit the jackpot? Yeah, that was me when I spotted this blazer.

In fact, I had been on a hunt for a good double-breasted blazer for a while. I had spotted one on window display down town but never had the to chance to go in and ask how much it was going for.

One morning while I was planning my outfits for my next blog photoshoot, I decided to go and get the blazer. The blazer was going for $30us. I convinced myself that there was no way I was spending that much on a blazer, so I left the store.

Fast forward to end of day the same day, I passed through Eastgate market just to have a look around. That is when I spotted this Navy blue blazer, I tried it on and the rest is history.

How I put together this Look

The blazer being the main inspiration for this look, it costed me $10. I didn’t really look but I think the cubicle I bought it from was written CB 20 (I will double check). I thrifted the jeans for $25 bond which would translate to $1.50 today. The shoes are from Sole4soul and I paid $30 for them. The shirt is an old one from Mr Price and it’s still available for $9.

The trick with affordable fashion is to balance things out by purchasing things from different places. High/end, mixed together with thrift and obviously for basic items (white shirt) you go to your regular chain stores e.g Jet, Mr Price, PowerSales.

There is nothing wrong with saving up your coins and still look cute. I hope this post inspires you to shop smart and challenge you to be more creative with the pieces you already have in your closet.

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