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Fashion: The Double Breasted Blazer

Social media has made it seem like its unacceptable to re-post an item of clothing you have shared before, especially if you are a blogger. Personally, this doesn’t get to me.

It’s unpractical, hence I always do restyle the pieces that I already have in my closet.

I know a majority of us in real life don’t buy clothes everyday and social media shouldn’t be the reason you have to.

I have worn pretty much every item on this post before. See a related post here. The t-shirt is a graphic tee that I wore backwards. The skirt is actually a dress which I belted to cinch the waist for a more appealing look.

During this lock down, if you haven’t already, de-clutter your wardrobe. Go through each item in your closet to see if you can restyle it or simply get rid of it. This will give you room to plan with you already have.

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