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Sanity Under Quarantine

Being confined in a single space can be mentally draining. Not to mention the pressure that it has to be for 21 days. It is for a good cause but it doesn’t take away the fact that it may come with a lot of mental issues.

 A lot of us have families to take care of and many other responsibilities beyond imagination. Not knowing or not having a plan of action if this thing goes longer than intended can be mentally draining to anyone.

Mental health issues are no stranger to a lot of us. Usually accompanied by anxiety, stress, suicidal thoughts ,this is a topic worth talking about.

A few weeks before the lock down was announced, I had already been working from home mostly. This meant that I spent the majority of my time at home; occasionally leaving the house maybe once or twice in a week.

Normally I like to go out to eat, to shoot and to shop for the house. This always allow me to ease my mind and to just get some fresh air. Saturday morning I usually like to do solo dates to clear my mind, followed by a good church service on Sunday. Now with this Official lock down, no one have access to these things and here is how I am keeping sane:

  1. Work

Writing and working on my projects sort of takes my mind of what’s currently happening out there. This is something that you can also try. It doesn’t matter which field you work in, now is the right time to polish your skills. Read more, watch more tutorials or even write that business proposal.

  1. Be Rooted In Your Believes

We all believe in different things. Whether you’re a Christian, Muslim or whatever religion you believe in. Source your strength from there.  Mediation is a very important way of live. With each religion, you will notice that there is room for it. Continue to draw your power from and don’t let the current state of the world move you.

  1. Talk About It

This is a pandemic that came at a time when nobody was prepared for it. Some of us where home, some of us where abroad some of us where working and leaving alone. Without family or a friend to talk to, it can be difficult. It’s good to communicate whenever you start feeling unwell.

Like I always say, if your mind is not in the right place, give yourself a break. We are all going through it and soon it will be over.

What has been keeping you sane?

Stay safe, stay positive and keep washing those hands.

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  1. A good read !

    1. Sharron Mungazi says:

      Thank you Nigel.

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