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Now What?

Now what? Now What? Now What? I woke up this morning with that little phrase ringing in my heard, Now What?

The beauty of this platform is that once in a while, there is always a chance to address current state of affairs surrounding you and me. As it stands, a lot of us are worried about the lock down might be extended seeing that that is the step they have taken down South.

Obviously looking at the pattern of events since the outbreak, we are most like going to go that route. It’s day 12, already I have seen people on social media begging for assistance. Money, food e.t.c . These are hard times for a lot of people. Extending the lock down will have some serious consequences economically and even mentally.

How to Look At It.

Scientifically it has been proven that this thing spreads really fast. Quarantine and social distancing is our best bet considering our health system. The best way to contain it is to restrict movement.

I woke up very stressed but stress doesn’t really change anything does it?

Continue to grow, polish up your skills and stay safe. It will be over some day.

Love and light.

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