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The Red dress

Dress : Zara (Sam Levy’s)
Bag : The Accessory Place (Eastgate)
Belt : Alacatraz
Shoes: The Accessory Place East Gate

Red is definitely my favorite color.  I love how it pops against my skin and this dress couldn’t have come in a better color.

Being on lock down has definitely taught me to dig deep and be more creative with whatever that is at my disposal. I have found ways to be more  creative at home. With this look, I just wanted to dress up like I had somewhere important to go. I filmed the entire process from me waking up to getting dressed. It’s up on my IGTV.  This is an outfit I would normally wear if I wanted to go all out, in descent way.

How are you guys doing? I pray you are all hanging in there and finding better ways to spend your time.

Thanks for stopping by.

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