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Outfits We Can’t Wait To Try After This Is Over

Having nowhere to go during the lock down has left some of us dreaming about the slayage days lying ahead.

Anyone else miss dressing up to a lunch date or a Dinner date or just any other important occasion? Yeah that

makes 2 of us. I simply cannot wait.

Here are 3 outfits/ trends I cannot wait to try when this is over.

Something Monochromatic

Source: Pinterest

Now that winter is almost here, winter is a perfect season for layering. Monochromatic looks look better when there are a number of pieces mixed together. Amazing!

An Athleisure Fit

Source: Jadore Fashion Blog
Source: Jadore Fashion blog

Temperatures are dropping and it’s time to incorporate that matching winter set and sneakers.Throw in a winter coat, make it fashionable.

A Good suit

Source: Jadore Fashion Blog

There is nothing I can add here besides the word “perfect.” A well fitting suit will elevate any look and I cannot wait to get one.

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