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Stay Smelling Good This Winter : The Ultimate 3 Step Process

Since the temperatures have dropped, you would think that you may not need to intend towards that perfume. A very common misconception, though very popular.

Fashion or rather your outfit always brings out more confidence when you lay down the foundation right; including the smallest detail such as the soap you pick for your morning shower. Hygiene is always key.

Here is a daily 3 step process to follow to make sure you stay smelling good through out your day;

Step 1: Bathing Process

Pick your favorite bath salts, shower gel and a good bar soap. This are things that can even make that shower more enjoyable. If you leave the bathroom smelling nice, then you have picked the right products for you.

Step 2 : Under Arm Action

We tend to sweat a lot underarms during winter. Half the times we are layered up and spend the day trying to stay warm. Always use an anti-antiperspirant or roll on to conceal that sweat.

Step 3: A good Perfume

Don’t you just love it when someone enters a room and they fill it up with their scent. Yeah, that’s how I even pick up my fragrances. I know everyone has a staple fragrance. If you don’t, not to worry, here is a fragrance guide that you can use.

I try to maintain this process on a daily basis as part of my morning routine.

What are the things that you do to stay smelling good? Share with me in the comments section below.

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