3 Simple Hacks To Winter Proof Your Glow

‘Tis the season of cold nights and mornings.

 Cold weather can cause problems when it comes to the human skin. We could blame it on a million other things  e.g not having enough drive to drink water, not knowing the right skin care products to use, the list is endless. Not to worry, in today’s post we are going to talk about simple hacks to protect your skin during winter time.

Defeating  Dull Dehydrated Skin

During the pick of cold temperatures, dry patches can build on your skin’s surface leaving your skin uneven. This obviously can’t be solved by applying loads of makeup  but instead less is more in this case. The key should be healing from within and using the correct skincare products. Applying ointment or cream regularly. Adding baby oil to warm bath water or applying it when the skin is damp after a shower  may also help.

Prep Your Face

This mainly applies to make up lovers. I have realized that primer is underrated by many people, I over looked at some point too. You need to use it, no matter what your skin type is. However, dry skin is more affected by the harshness of the weather. Primer helps to texturize your skin and plumps for a smooth and even application of your makeup.

Opt For Light Weight  Coverage

Allow your facial skin to breathe. For beauty lovers, your go to makeup products may not cut it as dry air hit you face. Switching to hydrating foundations for dry winter skin maybe a good idea.  There are over a thousand brands that make light weight foundation. Maybelline fit me, Mac Studio Face, are some of the foundations that you can give a shot at. There are a million other foundations you can try. Experiment with these products to find something breathable. Keep in mind that a heavy layer  of foundation can accentuate dry patches.

Our skin is very delicate. It takes a lot of research and understanding to know what works for you. The skin reacts to change , in most cases, it can be restored if you treat it just right.

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