What To Wear When You Don’t Know what To Wear

You have somewhere to be, you go through your closet and somehow you can’t find anything satisfying to wear for the day. Exhausting, we’ve all  been there.

A lot of women have at some point felt uninspired by their wardrobe leading to the desire to want a closet revamp. However that’s not always the case. Sometimes all you need is to go back to the basics and find your inspiration from there.

In this post, we’re going back to the basics. Here is where you can start if you want to slay the outfit of the day.

7 things you may need:

The Famous White Tee

A white top is a major wardrobe staple. It will take you through so many seasons, if well maintained. This is something that goes with anything whether dressed up or dressed down. The biggest trick is not to splurge on these, in stead, by affordable ones and get 2/3 more.

A Good Pair Of Jeans

As women it’s important to understand and appreciate our body types. I recently realized that some women take offense when it comes to this topic. I could understand why but then again this is something that will work to your advantage when choosing a good pair of jeans. Not everyone is going to look good in a skinny jean but that’s not the end of world either. You can still pull through in a pair of mom jeans or bottom flared (they are coming back) jeans and look snatched. It just has to be fitting in the right places.

A well fitting LBD/ LWD

Depending on your taste of cause, everybody needs that one little white or black dress that you can just throw on quickly and head out.

A Good Blazer

My 9-5 girls can appreciate the power of a good blazer, but even if you are not, you probably know what I am talking about. All you need is just that one blazer. One blazer that will change the fashion game for you. I see myself getting more in different colors because I love the design.

White Sneakers

If you have been following me on here or on Instagram or even on YouTube, I have been going on about white sneakers. They are so versatile you can style them in so many ways.

A Good Hand Bag

A good hand bag is one that has good quality, that can carry what you need and that goes with a lot of your outfits. For me it’s got to be in a neutral color because it just makes my life easy.


This is the icing on the cake. You know when you have taken your type to follow a good recipe and the cake just comes out perfectly? And all you need is some good icing? Yeah! Again, depending on your taste , the right accessories can elevate any outfit. For me it’s always a pair of earrings or a hat.

I hope you will find this post useful.

Thank you for stopping by. 

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