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It’s no secret that on this platform we love a good bargain. We are always talking about fashion on a budget and thrift shopping is a big part of that.

This pandemic has hit a lot of small businesses hard. However, life must go on and we have dreams to chase. In this post, I am going to share with Zimbabwean thrift store that are aimed to meet your fashionable needs.  In no particular order, let’s get right into it.

Shop Efuru

Shop Efuru is where you go when you want to buy clean, minimal, no noise and cute partnered type of clothing.  They can also hook you up with a pair of good mom jeans. This Online store was founded by Elsie Mutsaka in 2019. As described on their website, Shop Efuru was started by a passion for sustainable fashion and its founder handpicks everything. If you would like to experience a seamless shopping experience, do visit their site here.

Mrs Kay’s Kloset

Mrs Kay’s closet is a thrift store located in Avondale. This store has more of a vintage feel and they occasionally carry modern pieces. All stylish in their own way.  What you may want to know is that this store is very big on catering for all sizes, big or small. Do check them out on Facebook  or visit them at their physical store.

Thrift Shopping With Kudzi

I first bumped into a Facebook post about this page a few months back before winter. What really stood out for me was their consistency in bringing out different styles. Kudzai Garwe who is the founder of the store says, “…A friend motivated me to start a  side hustle from something I  love.  I love fashionable clothes but my budget has never allowed. Because of this my love for thrift (mabhero/bale) clothes  was birthed…”

She has since started Thrift Shopping  with Kudzi where she sells her thrift finds. Do checkout  her Facebook page here.

Thrift Eye ZW

Of cause I wasn’t going to do this post and not give myself a small S/O. If you are a regular on this blog, then you probably know about this. We carry seasonal dresses to carter to the modern woman on a budget. To know more please visit our Facebook and Instagram pages.

There you have it. These are thrift stores that I have been following their journeys. If you are aware of any other stores doing amazing things, please let me know in the comments section. I will be updating this post from time time.

On another brighter note, Happy new week + happy new month. August is women’s month. Like I have always been saying, we are not canceling 2020. Today is a good day to hit that refresh button.

Let’s get it!

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  1. Wow this is a great read. I love your whole blog and consistency. Sisters supporting each other. Keep it up guys. Definitely going to follow the ones I didn’t already.

    1. Sharron Mungazi says:

      Hi Daphne. Thank you so much. We girls have to stick together, right? I am off to check out your blog too.

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