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3rd World Ghetto, They Said!

I know we are almost past mid September and I know I am late but hey, life!

September didn’t even start slow for me, I have just been going hard on other priorities. New Projects, health, spirituality amongst other things my inquisitive spirit leads me.

Which brings me to today’s post. A year ago would you have believed it that 2020 was going to be this level of ghetto. I heard someone on SJR’s podcast saying , “2020 was like 3rd world ghetto”. Made me cringe, but also very precise.

The deaths, the lost opportunities and the never ending human rights struggle. Issa lot.


Who is God if he doesn’t stay with us?

It get’s hard before it get’s easy.

What is faith without works?

What is hard work without bearing fruit?

I get that 2020 has shown us flames but to those that are soldiering on, you are not lost.

These characters suffered a great deal, but God showed up for them. Read the article every-time you seek guidance and knowledge on how God works.

I pray that if you are like me, (seeking for guidance and growth), may the holy spritit guide you to your rightful destiny.

Also, I would genuinely love to know how you’ve been doing. Let me know in the comments below.

See you on Monday as we resume regular fashion posts.

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