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Welcome to Octo-consistency!

Looking back at my university days, I really wish they created a module on how to stay consistent.

This is something I have struggled with for a while.

When I work or create the work that I do, it’s because there is voice in me that tells me what to communicate or what to share. The presence of that voice has always been strong. I can’t say it was always matched by my willingness to listen.

1 minute there is drive, the next its crickets.

I have come to realize that consistency is something I have to teach myself. In my career and the lifestyle I choose.  This October is going to represent a change in how I do everything I love. This is because I have to consciously remind myself and I have got to do it unapologetic-ally.

Everyone is hoping for a big turn around and positive outcome in this last quarter.

May October bring you the change that you need, may God stay fiercely present in us and may consistency bring the change that we need.

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