Introducing The New Reveal Oil Cleansing Blend By Organic Jewel

After a long day, when you get home, all you want to do is take off your makeup as quickly as possible.

Not everyday is meant for a 5/step or 100/step facial routine. Sometimes all you need is something quick and easier.

The Reveal Oil Cleanser is not just for removing makeup. The human facial skin tends to build up as pores clog and blackheads start to appear. If the cleansing oil is applied correctly, it can leave the skin feeling clean and hydrated.

Unlike other harsh forming cleansers, the Reveal oil cleansing blend contains ricinus, sunflower and grape seed oil. All natural elements that are kinder to the skin. Basically this is a way of taking out the bad guys (the dirt, black heads) without disturbing the good guys (natural oils)

What The Reveal Oil Cleanser Can Do

  • It helps to break down dirt.
  • Hydrates skin
  • Dissolves blackheads stuck in the skin over time.

How to use the cleanser

Warm Water Removal

  1. Pump the cleanser into your hands
  2. Massage the oil into your hands thoroughly
  3. Focusing on areas that tend to be clogged and affected by black heads, massage the oil on to your face.
  4. Take a good minute or so and really let it in.
  5. Wash your hands and make sure they are clean.
  6. Rinse of the oil from your face with warm water using your hands only (no towel)
  7. Dry off your face with a warm towel.

Warm Wash Cloth Method

  1. Follow step 1 – 5 of the routine above.
  2. Instead of rinsing with water, run through a cloth on warm water.
  3. Press the towel on to your skin.
  4. Hold it against your skin for a moment because this is what is going to help with dissolving the dirt.
  5. After holding the towel for a moment, move it in circular motion to remove the oil.

You can check out my YouTube Channel on for further details on this.

Personally I prefer the second method. I have oily and problematic areas on my face. General science is that oil loves oil, water loves water. By applying this oil cleansing blend, the oil connects with oil building up as black heads under my skin and sucks  it out. Water can not do this.

Whichever method you pick, if you feel like one wash isn’t enough, wash your hands/cloth and follow the steps for a second wash.

You can now purchase the Reveal Oil Cleansing Blend via the Organic Jewel Website.



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