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Happy New Month

I always talk about how time has been flying this year. It really has been moving quickly for sure.

I know a lot of people have suffered too many loses due to the pandemic.

This blog post is mainly to remind you that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. We can control certain circumstances while others are beyond our control.

While there are 2 months left before the year ends, let’s do the most with it to lay the foundation for the work that needs to be done in 2021. Keeping in mind that 1 January 2020 is just a change in dates if you don’t work towards what you want to achieve.

Sounds very cliché, but it’s also the obvious truth. I know I may need that reminder at times.

I have this book called ‘Hope through the dark’ by Samuel Koranteng-pipim. He talks about how everything that has been achieved in this world was done through hope. Hope that one day things will turn around, hope that there has to be a positive outcome in a particular situation.

Without the dark, we cannot see the stars. Similarly, the dark moments of adversity often reveal some of life’s most valuable gifts or blessings. ..what initially came disguised as a painful  defeat has been used by the lord to deepen my spiritual walk and my outlook on life…”

I hope if you are looking for something to take away from  this post, It simply has to be HOPE. And that you may be soothed to hold on.

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