A 7 Day Social Media Cleanse & Here Is What I Learnt

We live in an era where connection is everything. Based on my mobile screen time weekly report, I know I spend too much time on my phone.

Granted most of my work is done online. However it’s a lot even for me.

I decided to go offline a few days before the new year started. This always a good idea because it helps to clear my mind and to work on my creative side.

This is a daily average amount of time I spend on the phone.
This is a weekly average amount of time I spend on the phone.

Here are some things I learnt :

◦ It gives you room for productivity.

◦ It’s a good way to stay in the moment. When you’re away from the internet, you focus more on real life situations.

◦ It is very relaxing simply because there is no noise coming from the outside word.

It’s so easy to have our thoughts clouded by what’s currently going on. It’s also equally important to stay clear of the kind of thoughts we entertain. Social media plays a big role in a lot of people’s lives.

If you find yourself overwhelmed, stay clear of what’s causing that feeling. Nothing is more important. Nothing is worthy to rob you off your peace of mind because It is God’s will for us to have peace of mind.

Have you ever tried being away from social media? How did it go? If not, could you try this?


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