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Lessons From 2020

With every position that we’re in as humans, there is always something to learn. The universe allows us to experience life exactly how God intended it to be for all of us.

I mentioned in my previous blog post that there was a lot of eye-opening things that allowed so many of us to see things differently in 2020.

So many lessons, some so simple, some with deeper meaning and in this posts I get to share all of them.

Lessons from 2020

◦ Forgive yourself for things you were unable to achieve during the previous year.

◦ Yesterday passed, hence why it’s called the “past”. It’s impossible to take back even a single second so it’s useless to give it too much attention.

◦ Self love is everything.

◦ We have the power to control even our deepest thoughts.

◦ Diffuse the amount and type content you let in.

◦ Instagram is not real life neither is any other social media platform.

◦ Do the work even when you don’t feel like it.

◦ God is with you and he stands by his eternal promise.

◦ Lastly, An athlete can not win if they don’t put in the work. A farmer will not harvest if he doesn’t plant the crops. Dreams will remain dreams unless acted upon.

What has been your biggest takeaway from last year. I would love to know in the comments section below.

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