5 Hacks To Survive As A Small Business During A Pandemic

The word “Evolve” is one I have been hearing a lot lately. I mean rightfully so.

It has never been import in the history of human kind to evolve and adapt quickly as a business owner. Simply because we don’t know if life will ever be “normal.”

While it would be easy to close doors, go MIA and come back after the lockdown restrictions have been removed, it’s not feasible for small businesses.

Entrepreneurship will make you witness dark days like hell which makes even the smallest of wins extra special.

In the spirit of staying afloat as a small business owner, I have had to do my research to learn how best I can survive in this new world. If you’re here, then there is a chance that you are also looking for answers.

And that means you’re in the right place…

5 hacks to survive as a small business during a pandemic

1.Go Online

Now that we are back home, can you imagine the amount of time people are spending on the internet. Your business should take up space as one of the places people visit on a regular basis. Depending on your market, create a website and social media platforms best suited for your target market.

2.Hear what the customer wants

Customer service and actual interaction with your buyers is really important. Sometimes it’s easy to get carried away with demands of our businesses. Go back to the drawing board to understand the actual problem your business is supposed to solve.

Referring back to the first point, it is of no use to have an online presence if you’re going to take longer that 48 hours to respond to customer queries. People just don’t have the patience anymore. Stay on top of things before loosing a potential customer.

3.Switch up your marketing model

Once the way you sell your products become monotonous to your regular clients, it means it’s time to switch things up.

There is so much going on, you will want to have the attention of both a regular customer and potential customer. Video content and excellent visuals are a good place to start especially if you’re in the fashion, food or any artistic business.

4.Use Online Adverts

This works best if there is a clear understanding of your target market. As a thrift business, most of our customers are on Facebook and Instagram. Running adverts that are specifically targeted to our customers makes a big difference in our sales.

I have seen architectural adverts on Twitter & google. My guess is that audiences on these platforms interact better with this sort of content . Understand where your customer likes to spend their time online and advertise there.

Obviously It comes at a small cost, however if you’re not paying rent as an online business, then I would say this is a no-brainer.


Stiffness has no place in business. You have to adapt, evolve and tweak your ideas as you go.

There is no harm in watching the trends in your market , neither is there anything wrong with finding inspiration from your competitors. Read, research and be willing to do a lot of the work on your on until you witness results.

Adapt & Evolve

I would love to know what has been your biggest lesson you have learnt during this period? Let’s chat in the comments section below.

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