Fashion: Incorporating The Old With The OLD

What do you do when you have a bunch of clothes that you still love but they just don’t inspire you anymore? Perhaps you are struggling to create good outfits from what’s currently in your closet.

There is this idea that we should ‘buy, buy, buy’ every-time something new comes out. Consumerism maybe? But girl, do you really need to? 

When you take a look into your closet, do you feel demotivated? Well then, this post is definitely for you.   

Here are 3 simple things you can do to help you creatively with what’s currently in your closet:

 1.Clear out

Doing a closet clear-out will help you see clearly in items of  that you need and what needs to go. 

     2. Pinterest It

The thing about Pinterest is that even with minimal effort, if you use it right, you get results. This is  a place I go to for inspiration every time I need to put together a good outfit. Say for instance you have a pair of jeans that you just don’t know how to re-style, you simply search for “styling blue skinny jeans.”  A million+ ideas will pop up for you.

     3. Look Back

Scroll through your old pictures and switch it up. If there are no pictures, try to remember how you wore the item and how you styled it. Then switch it up by changing the shoe or accessory and give the look a whole new feel.

I hope you found this post useful.

If you do try those 3 pointers, do share with me how it works out.

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