You’ve Got This? 3 Amazing Skin Care Products From Zimbabwean Plugs

For the longest time, I have searched for skin care products to assist me in my never ending battle with acne. Sigh!

A little back story, I have oily skin which is acne prone. A bigger part of the problem is the chest and upper part of my back. I have had this for years mainly because it comes and goes. From what I have gathered (mostly from experience) is that my acne is triggered by how much sugar and oily foods I consume. The case is always different from one person to the other.

I am yet to see a dermatologist about this, I plan on doing so. In the mean time, a good diet + a good consistent skin care routine is all I am relying on.

Which brings us to today’s blog post: the 3 Amazing Skin Care Products From Zimbabwean Plugs you may want to try.

There are currently so many skin care brands coming up. Locally and internationally. In this post, I am going to be sharing with you some of the products from local brands as well as from Zimbabwean skincare companies that make it easier to shop all your favorite International brands.

The Tea Tree Combo

Shop @skinfuel_zw

The skin clearing facial wash + the imperfection daily solution works best if you are trying to clear out your skin.

The Tea Tree skincare range is made for Oily and blemish-prone skin types. It will help your complexion to battle blemishes and banish shininess. You can shop this via Skin fuel Zw

Nivea Refreshing Toner

This is as basic as it gets but I didn’t know I needed this Until I started using it. This you can also shop this via Skin Fuel ZW.

Liyana Bath Salts

The best bath salts I have ever tried.

Simply because their scents are not too over powering. This is more of body-care but I just had to share. You can shop them here.

What’s your biggest concern when it comes to skin care? Do share in the comments below.

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